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The Right and Left Nostril Breathing Technique and Its Benefits

Yoga is a very wholesome meditation form that brings suppleness to the body, combined with better blood flow and muscle movement. It not only brings a noticeable change in the body but at the same time, it heals the internal functions of the body. A regular yoga practice can help increase the breathing capacity of the body, enhance the metabolism of the body and improve the digestive system. There are many benefits that can be harvested by simple breathing exercises and routines as it increases oxygen absorption in the body welcoming a healthy change in the body.

We assume that we breathe equally through each nostril, but this is wrong, we favor one nostril for breathing either the right or left one. The yogic beliefs are that we as humans become prone to illnesses due to irregular and dysfunctional breathing. If you breathe through your left nostril, you get access to the right side of your brain, and if you breathe through your right nostril, then you get access to the left side of your brain. When you consciously alternate through the nostrils while breathing, you end up using both sides of the brain, and it helps in maximizing brain usage.

Right nostril breathing helps give the body energy. This ensures that the body is super-powered for the day. Other benefits that can be enjoyed through breathing through the right nostril are:

  • Improves brain function: Breathing through the right nostril energizes you, and hence you can use your brain in a perfect way. Maximizing brain usage gives you an edge over others.
  • Cleans out the lungs and makes breathing an easier process for you. This is an essential feature for a healthy body. When you opt for this breathing technique, your body manages to breathe fully and not just on the surface. Fuller lungs help ensure deeper breathing and fresher supply of unlimited oxygen.
  • The left side of the brain, which gets activated through right nostril breathing, is for thinking. It enables you to think properly and make accurate decisions. With focused breathing, you can deliberately facilitate the desired activities of the brain. This also helps to increase your brain capacity as you are able to think more clearly without hindrance.
  • It also helps you sleep like a baby. The majority of adults are faced with an issue of interrupted and broken sleep. This breathing technique helps you make your mind and fall asleep comparably quickly then you would generally.
  • Breathing through the right nostril helps you boost your nervous system and create a balance between your energy channels. When your body can find the right balance between the power surges, you are more in control of your body. It also helps you get rid of a sluggish attitude.
  • It prepares your body for the day. Right nostril breathing helps you prepare for the day ahead. It should be practiced early in the morning, and you will be ready to go for the rest of the day.